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LaFon Arnold

For as long as I can remember I have been making things, or at the very least, thinking of different ways that things can be made instead of spending a bunch of money on things from a store. Then, in the end, I looked like everyone else and it was STILL not what I really wanted.

I love being different and I hate being in any one category. I approach my designs the same way. I have countless DIY projects under my belt such as a couch re-upholstery, a pallet garden bed, hanging shelf, custom window shade and a lot more..all of which were done by (MY) hand, making them unique to each project. 

I have always loved being out and experiencing nature, so I get a lot of my inspiration from the environment. The colors, the shapes, the smells, all of nature is so beautiful to me and I love being able to incorporate these, but more importantly, the emotional aspect of nature into my designs. 

In college at the The University of Georgia, I gained a new appreciation for nature and the environment. My eyes were opened to the impact of human interaction and the environment and ever since I've been adamant about sustainability and how we can "reduce, re-use, and recycle" as the saying goes. 

About LEA Designs

My Mission

My mission is to bring people closer to nature and the environment by introducing and re-using natural materials and turning them into new, unique and elevated decor for your home that will give you a completely unique look at an affordable price. 

My Science in Your Design

Using my science-trained mind, I am always looking for how things work together and flow--which ultimately influences how you feel. I believe that our environment significantly affects our mood, so as we discuss your desires for your project we can decide if a few cosmetic changes (paint color, a few accent decor pieces or furniture rearrangement) would do the trick, if a structural change would give life to your vision or if outdoors is the best place to show off your personality.

No Matter What Your Vision...

LEA Designs will help you elevate affordably!

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